Sturgeon wish you happy new year

In the Great Lakes Region of the U.S. and Canada, people go ice fishing. They build shacks on the ice and drill holes, then sit and wait for fish to bite!

Until recently I didn't know that sturgeon were one of the species fishermen caught there. I was familiar only with the Siberian sturgeon that are hunted for the popular and expensive black caviar. 

These ice houses used to fascinate me as a child, and I wondered how they knew when to get rid of them, and if any of them ever fell into the water with the spring melt.

Here are some sturgeon fish that have tricked the fishermen. One real fish is interested in the lure, but the sturgeon have also made a decoy that one of them maneuvers with a remote control.

Meanwhile, they celebrate new year in style.

The card is supposed to fold half way down so it is not initially clear that the sturgeon are celebrating.