"Man is a political animal?" Aristotle, are we still?

Are humans naturally political? Probably, on some level. After all, chimpanzees have wars too.

  People try to run away from politics like they try to flush feces down the toilet. Only the thing is that both feces and politics (or maybe it is one and the same) can kill you if it doesn't work right. Many people are anxious to discuss our species' "natural" propensity to violence, sex, drugs, laze. But try talking to them about politics...and they will be quiet. Yet most of us enjoy going to the store and buying tomatoes grown in Mexico and picked by poor indigenous laborers that are paid almost nothing and exposed to too many pesticides. We wear clothes stitched by children in sweatshops, pay our taxes to the government... then we claim we "aren't political".

I have toyed with the idea of drawing political cartoons. I liked the old 1970s copies of MAD my father kept, the Crumb drawings and Charles Addams. I still like the look of Soviet and pre 1950s US propaganda. But people can so easily find something wrong with it, and many feel uncomfortable with it  inherently. Drawing and writing for children can be just as political (and usually it is), but it is more difficult for many people to see it. I think fewer and fewer people sit and think about it.

Chimpanzee Politics book:


Here are my two attempts at political cartoons:

I especially like the first one about US torture policies like water boarding.