Mrs. Goldberg

A few weeks ago, the Kirkland Arts Center had an exhibit in their gallery about a fictional woman named Mrs. Goldberg. The multimedia exhibit was done by many artists, all imagining a curated life of an imaginary person. One piece showed Mrs. Goldberg's suitcase, another some jewelry made by her daughter. The exhibit played off of the carefully shown lives that we all lead on the internet, with social media. It also made me think of the curated lives that we lived before the internet, filled with dinner parties or house guests when our houses were at their cleanest.

I added some objects to Mrs. Goldberg's life below. I thought the first two seemed to portray her as young, but the impression that I got from the show was that she was older. So then I drew some books and made sure adult ones were added in. 

I am noticing that I called her Ms. Goldberg, while the exhibit called her Mrs. Goldberg. I wonder how that affects my view of her as a person. I wonder if Mrs. Goldberg would be angry to be called Ms., or if she went by Mrs. out of conciliation with the status quo. 

These are some of her dreams. They seem a bit scary. I hope they didn't give her nightmares.

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