Everything broken can be fixed if we work together

The rabbit children got in a fight after the mother brushed their fur!

Luckily they worked together to fix their crab/ monster toy. I wanted to celebrate the idea of fixing things, the value of thrift, and the importance of working together.


From an adult point of view I find the spirit of collaboration endearing and sad. There are many things in the adult world that are beyond repair. Peace in the Middle East, sustainable economic growth for all, and sound environmental policies are only a few of the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that face the human species. 

Often times, people simply to do not want to work together, or do not know how. But maybe if children learned the value of cooperation when they were younger... and maybe if we all tried a little harder, we could make progress together. 

Then again, there is the Darwinian struggle for conquest, but some species survive through collaboration, and humans can be one of them!