Fur friends

Some have fur and some do not...

I drew some pictures inspired by the book, Artist's Photo Reference WILDLIFE. The book was written by Bart Rulon, one of my teachers from the scientific illustration program. I am only starting to use it now, two years later. 

Some of the best advice I think I have gotten at SCBWI conferences was not in personal consults, but by approaching an art director after a presentation. I asked her how to begin drawing more loose. Though I have done gesture drawings, I find it hard to apply to my work. She told me to go to the zoo, which I try to do as often as I can. When I can't, I have started using Bart's book to do sketches. 

These were done fast while I had downtime at my job. The background is a regular sharpie marker, which is why it is a bit spotty. If I had used ink it would be cleaner. I actually love using office supplies in artwork. I wish highlighters didn't have such weird colors. As of now I have not been able to come up with a good illustration to do with highlighter pens. 

I think this would be a cool illustration for a graphic novel. What I really want to produce is something in between a graphic novel and a regular book....but it might be an uphill climb.