Winter Green in Seattle

Having lived in Toronto and the Midwestern United States, seeing green plants through the whole winter was novelty when I first moved to the Northwest. 

I collected some of these plants at Discovery Park in Seattle. Holly is one of my favorite plants to draw, I like the spiky leaves and the red berries. It doesn't grow in the snow covered areas I used to live in, I think it must be too cold for it there. I am also drawn to the symbolism of holly. Even many children know holly to be associated with Christmas and wreaths, but it was also important in pre-Christian Europe, perhaps as a symbol of truth, or protection. It's exact meaning is probably lost to the ages.

People here don't have the view of holly as I do. It is regarded as an invasive species, a disrupter of the natural ecosystem. I guess what you like depends on what you've seen, kind of like that old phrase, "where you stand depends on where you sit."

I plan for this to be a card. I felt that without some kind of animal or action the plants didn't hold enough power. By my signature I added my pet hedgehogs.